“I shut my eyes in order to see”

The author of this wisdom is one of my favourite artists, the French painter Paul Gauguin. I have yet to discover a more brilliant one.

Art has been part of life since prehistoric times and, with me, since my early childhood. I discovered the beauty and power of art, especially fine art, from a very early age.
When I was at high school,
I fell in love with art history, which I decided to combine with studying tourism.
Thanks to work and having a family, art soon turned into an occasional hobby.
Now art is firmly back in my life as a means to express myself and relax.

I am constantly trying to develop a relationship with visual art and the whole field of visual culture,
so I can perceive the beauty of nature and the aesthetic values in what is happening around us.
As I believe that a creative outlook enriches our lives immensely,
my aim is to promote creativity not only in the field of fine arts but also in my entire way of thinking.

Painting is my joy, pleasure, relaxation and helps me express my feelings.
I like to try new techniques, but mostly I work with acrylic paints on canvas.
I don't have a favourite style, because I find “my thing" in the precision of realistic drawing
and the simplicity and effectiveness of modern contemporary art.
I like to be inspired by nature and symbols. Hidden meanings have a special place in my work.

I will be delighted if you choose one of my paintings to decorate your home. I hope it provides you with as much pleasure as it gave me when I was creating it.

Veronika Sekotová