Kids Spring Painting Workshop


Kids Autumn Painting Workshop

Workshop for children in the studio

There is a lot of interest in workshops for children. The children try different techniques and most of all they had fun. I am preparing another art workshop with an autumn theme, which will take place in October 2023.

A beautiful article about my work. Many thanks to the editorial team in Japan! See the link for the full article...

Pokud hledáte nějakou tvůrčí aktivitu pro děti na konec prázdnin, mám ještě pár volných míst na výtvarný workshop.

Na základě poptávky zatím tyto dva termíny: 29. 8. nebo 31. 8. 2023. Děti s sebou nic nepotřebují.


1st International Prize Donatello curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo

THE BEST Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS

Boomer Gallery

Happy to became a member ot the New York art community! Selected for Agora Gallery's representation. Thank you so much! Agora Gallery's representation..

I recently read an article on that really grabbed me. Although it wasn't a heartbreaking or tragic story, it was very close to my heart, and I felt the need to express some support or at least spread a little joy. With this picture, I hope I managed to put a smile on the face of the cute and promising gymnast, Anetka. All it takes is a kind word, a smile or a small thing, and you can make someone's day.


For my customer "The Pink Dream", 150 x 100 cm

I am looking forward to this Autumn!

Collaboration with @photowall_sweden

I am very pleased to collaborate with @photowall_sweden. I have received my favorite paintings printed on canvas and the are really stunning!
The quality is absolutely amazing! Tremendously fast shipping! They have a lot of beautiful things that you will not know what to choose. Wallpapers, posters and, most importantly, lots of inspiration!

A very interesting Art Map project, which maps the contemporary art scene.
Thank you for being a part of it.

Interview with me

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Read the latest interview with art expert Karolína Odlasová, Ph.D.

S láskou / Veronika

PRAGMOON – Rozhovor

Commissioned artwork

Variations on The Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh